Burgess Owens


Super bowl Champion, Burgess Owens has shown throughout his life a passion for the pursuit of excellence. At the core of his message is optimism that is both inspiring and instructional. As he uplifts our system of government, the freedom and opportunity available because of it, his mantra is embodied in two words…”Dream Big”. Burgess discusses what it takes to win, regardless of ones circumstances, background, color or culture. He encourages all to dream bigger, expect more, risk more, struggle more and win more. A priceless message from someone who has been there..


1st Team College All-American Defensive Back

Hall of Fame- Outstanding College Athletes of America

Hall of Fame- University of Miami

Ring of Honor- University of Miami

1st Round Draft

13th NFL Pick-

NY Jets

Raiders: Super Bowl Champion XV

NFL Pro Bowl Selection- 1st Alternate

Care more than others think is wise

Risk more than others think is safe

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible

Excellence can be attained when you….

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